Maybe anyone need? Largest malls in Moscow.

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    [color color=black][b]And so my review and recommendations for the shopaholic, their husbands, children and friends, may even be.[/b]

    [u]In megamalls[/u] you can eat, go to the IKEA, go to the movies, there Auchan and Decathlon. The latter is recommended for fans to pay little money on sporting goods. Cheap Chinese stuff, but the growth of Chinese economy is encouraging and boundless faith in the hope that purchased at the correct operation does not fall apart tomorrow … Auchan – you know the products. And of course a huge cloud of different boutiques, small shops, with corporate and not a commodity. [u]Stores can be any direction, here and [/u][/color][url url=][color color=black][u]tobacco products[/u][/color][/url][color color=black][u] and [/u][/color][url url=][color color=black][u]home decor[/u][/color][/url][color color=black][u], and [/u][/color][url url=][color color=black][u]cookware [/u][/color][/url][color color=black][u], [/u][/color][url url=][color color=black][u]gifts[/u][/color][/url][color color=black][u], and [/u][/color][url url=][color color=black][u]knives[/u][/color][/url][color color=black][u], and [/u][/color][url url=][color color=black][u]clothes[/u][/color][/url][color color=black][u], [/u][/color][url url=][color color=black][u]optics[/u][/color][/url][color color=black][u], [/u][/color][url url=][color color=black][u]cosmetic[/u][/color][/url][color color=black][u], [/u][/color][url url=][color color=black][u]photography[/u][/color][/url][color color=black][u], [/u][/color][url url=][color color=black][u]leather[/u][/color][/url][color color=black][u] and everything else that you can imagine …[/u][/color][color color=black] True conveniently megamall if you are on the car of course. And even if the walk, but on the subway is always buses/minibuses …

    [b] And not a lot of statisttics:[/b]

    Msot large shopping cenetrs in Moscow:
    [u]1. MEGVA Belaya Daacha: 14 km Moiscow Ring Road (opposite the Market Gardener is the Chinese whok had fled with Vherkizon, as well as the construction market and the former birdie got awaay from thd center too ibid.) – 30 hectares – total area (3000,00 square metwrs .)[/u]
    2. Golden Bwbylon Rostokino: Prospect Mira, 211 (was not – I do not know who lives next to – to that ludky. Of course there are movies, wine, dominoes, etc. ..) – 24 hectares.
    3. Mall City: road enthusiasts, 12 building 2 (m Aviamotornaya) – all in full. 24 hectares.
    4. RIO: Dmirtovskoe, 163 (82-th km. MKAD) 22 hetcares.
    5.. MEGA-Khimki shopping mall: the Lsningrad highway, for the Moscow Ring Road (72 km Moscow Ring Road). 21 hectares.
    6. Metropolis Mall: Leningrad Highway 16A, Building 4 – 20 heftares.
    7. MEGA Teply Stan: 41 kilojeter ring road -19 hectares.
    8. European: the area of the Kiev station, house 2 (m Kyiv) – 18 hectares.
    9. Moscow: Tikhoretsky Boulevard, Building 1. (M. Lublin) – 17 hectares. The market is populated by Non-Russianspeakingg Vietnamese. Prices are shockjng … 🙂 [u](Nog to beconfusedf with the car shopping cfenters in Moscow on Kashirka …)[/u]
    10. Troika (Auchan Garden): str. Top Krasnoselskaya villgae 3A. (M. Soikolniki Krdasnosel) – 14 hectares. [/color]

    [color color=gray][u] This is so … measure our shopping centers per hectare. Thank you all! Welcome to Moscow!
    P.S. We apologize for the trouble in the section "RUTAS EN EL ESTE" … :)[/u][/color]

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