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..y ya si tú nivel de inglés es superior, puedes probar este método con el que parece ser que no tienes quesacar los tornillos torx:

wouldn’t undo the Torxs bolts at all due to the possibility of stripping out the bolt heads, they are Loctited in place.

The pads can be changed by first undoing the two allen key pad retainer studs that are in the middle of the calliper body.
Then at the front of each outer pad is a black steel pad locator (the part that the pad end wraps around) look closely at it and you’ll find that it takes an allen key. 6mm I think? Undo that locator and remove it.
Once the locator is removed depress the calliper slide pin through the main mounting bracket and swing the calliper up and away from the disc. Remove the pads and the calliper can then be removed off the other pin.

Now that you have the calliper clear of the machine you have to retract the piston. First clean the mud and dirt from around the side of the piston. Then connect a length of hose from the bleed nipple to a drain bottle and crack the bleeder open and gently push the piston back into the calliper body till it is all the way in. Close the bleeder and remove the hose.

Now you can re-assemble the calliper back onto the first pin with a small smear of grease applied to the pin, fit the new pads, re-install the last pin with a smear of grease. Re fit the pad retainer pins and the pad locator. Make sure that the two rubber boots on the calliper slide pins are mounted properly.
Bleed the brakes and fill the M/cyl to correct level.

The reason I do it this way is that I broke 2 Torxs bits trying to get the bracket bolts undone and it also makes you check that the calliper slides work correctly.

Salut! y força al canut!…jajajaja